Tooth Gems


Non-invasive and painless procedure

Requires no extra maintenance

High quality, body safe crystals

Will not harm your teeth

Easily removable & 100% reversible at anytime



  • Brush your teeth prior to appointment 

  • Eat beforehand as there is a 2 hour waiting period 

  • Do not drink acidic foods/drinks 2 hours before 


  • You can drink water immediately after

  • You cannot eat for a minimum of 2 hours after

  • Do not smoke or vape for 2 hours after

  • No alcohol or acidic food/drinks for 12 hours after 

  • No brushing for 12 hours. If you use an electric tooth brush, you will need to wait at least 48 hours after your service 

  • Soft foods only (non sticky) for 24 hours after

  • Do not touch or play with your tooth gem

  • Do not bite into hard foods with the tooth that has the gem on it 

  • Use a softer brush and avoid brushing aggressively

Keep in mind, complete bonding takes 24 hours


After these 48 hours, it is important to maintain proper dental hygiene habits. Brush your teeth 2 times a day and floss at least once. Remember to visit your dental hygienist for regular profession cleanings. 

Follow aftercare instructions if you want your tooth gems to last longer.