Saline Tattoo Removal

What is the process?

Saline removal is done with a tattoo machine and a saline solution that helps break down the pigment. This broken down pigment will eventually form into a scab that will naturally fall off during the healing process.

Saline vs Laser Removal

What is the difference between these two types of removal? Saline is just as effective as laser but more gentle on the skin. Saline targets all colors, where with laser, it does not recognize lighter colors (white, red, etc.) which makes these colors harder, if at all, to remove. With saline removal, the pigment is brought to the surface of the skin vs. with laser, the pigment is absorbed by the body and broken down over time. Not only is saline removal more cost effective, it is also the most natural and safest way to remove unwanted pigment.

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions you may need are unpredictable. Different variables including the tattoo itself, what pigment was used, how saturated the pigment is, how many layers of ink, how deep the ink was implanted, the skin itself, and how well aftercare is followed effects how many sessions you may need. It may take mulitple sessions to achieve desired results. Sessions are booked 8 weeks or more apart to give the skin adequate time to heal. Patience is KEY!

Am I a good candidate?

Saline Removal is an ideal procedure for :

  • Unwanted PMU (permanent makeup)

  • PMU Corrections

  • Emergency Removal (within 48 hours)

  • Small body tattoos (size of a deck of cards or smaller)

  • If you do not have health or skin conditions please refer to policies & preparation

What is "emergency removal"?

Emergency tattoo removal is done within 48 hours of receiving a service. It is preferred for this service to be performed within the first 24 hours to receive the best results. The first 48 hours are the most crucial, anything past this time frame, you must wait at least 8 weeks before touching your brows again.  It is important to have realistic expectations when receiving emergency removal. This does not guarantee that it will remove all pigment, but it will remove/lighten significant amount of pigment while making it easier for any needed future removal sessions. Emergency removal provides a greater success of removing the pigment before settling and healing into the skin. 


If you received a brow service you are unhappy with elsewhere, contact us immediately so we can perform emergency removal in an adequate amount of time. You can contact us through the studio phone or email our saline removal tech

Do not under any circumstance try to perform removal at home with "DIY" methods. Trying to remove pigment yourself can traumatize and permanently scar your skin. 

Removal or correction should only be performed by a skilled technician. 

Healing process & aftercare

The area will be red, swollen and tender for the first few days. This is expected and completely normal.

For the first two weeks, clean the area by lightly blotting with saline and a damp paper towel 2-3 times a day. Do not rub or be abrasive when cleaning. It is best to let the wound dry heal. No ointments, no creams, just keep it clean, dry and uncovered!

Avoid saunas, hot tubs, pools, excessive sweating, steamy showers, tanning or direct sunlight on the area.

It is very important to let the scab form and fall off naturally. If these scabs are picked or peeled off prematurely, this will yeild very little results. Do not touch, leave it alone, and handle the wound with very little tlc. You may use a vitamin E oil on the area once all scabs have fallen off to help hydrate the skin again.

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Do you have questions

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