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The Salon is located in the lower level of the plaza,

there is a driveway to the left of the building that will take you to a lower level. all salon services are preformed down there.


Aesthetic services

When Libby started LYC she came from a salon background. When we first started, our main focus was cosmetic tattoos, but once we opened, we realized that there was a lot more we could be offering our clients. In 2018, we added a salon menu of services to our company. We have some of the most talented artists in our cosmetic tattoo studio along with some of the most talented lash artists, relaxation massage therapists, and skincare specialists. Stop in today and let us help you with all things beauty!


View our service menu below for all services and pricing or continue reading for a description of our services we offer. All salon services can be booked through our website with Paige, Marissa, Kara & Kennedy.



Using a professional only, pharmaceutical grade skincare line, Glymed Plus, our master estheticians are here for all of your skincare needs. Address your skin concerns with us, whether it be acne, redness, aging & wrinkles, and our estheticians will use products that are specifically formulated for you and your skin.

A custom facial is customized specifically for your skin. This includes a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, mask, massage and a personalized treatment.

Dermaplaning helps exfoliate and rid your skin of unwanted "peach fuzz" by using a scalpel. Dermaplaning the skin has a lot of great benefits including riding of the skin of dead skin cells, helps skincare products penetrate your skin better & helps with fine lines and wrinkles.


Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are applied to each individual lash with a non-irritating glue to enhance your eye shape. 

Depending on your lash growth cycle, a person will typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes a day. Lash fills are every 1-3 weeks to help fill in the areas that have naturally shedded during this cycle. 

We offer classic, hybrid and volume lashes. Classic tends to give you the most natural look. Volume will give you a more dramatic, thicker look. And hybrid lashes are the best of both worlds of a classic and volume mix!



A lash lift is essentially a "perm" for your natural lashes. Think of when you use an eyelash curler and put on fresh mascara, a lash lift & tint will give you this look making your natural lashes appear longer and fuller with results that can last up to 8 weeks. 

A lash lift & tint is an ideal service for people with already long lashes that want less maintenance than lash extensions with still being natural. 


Waxing is an ideal service for you if you are the type of person who desires less maintenance in our already busy lives. Waxing pulls the hair directly from the hair follicle where with shaving, you are only cutting the hair from its surface. Because of this, you can go up to four weeks before seeing any regrowth with waxing. Instead of shaving everyday or every few days. The more consistent you are with receiving waxes, the more you can extend time in between your appointments.

You will need to have a quarter inch of regrowth in order to effectively pull the hair from the follicle. We offer all types of waxing whether you just need a typical brow wax or a full face wax. As well as all body waxing including legs, arms, chest, back & brazilians. 



We offer a few different services to help maintain your brows that can be done with a brow wax or as a service on their own. 

Brow Tint will tint your existing brow hair making them appear fuller, darker and tint any of those pesky gray hairs. The tint will typically last 4-6 weeks on the brow hair.

Brow Henna is a perfect service for clients who are on the fence about permanent makeup. Brow henna lasts longer on the skin, about 1-2 weeks & on the brow hair, about 6-8 weeks, giving you a more structured and defined look.

Brow Lamination is basically a "perm" for your eyebrows. The brow hair is brushed upward, making the hair appear fuller, longer and more filled in giving the illusion of major brow hair growth. Results last 5-8 weeks.

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