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The Libby Yoho Cosmetics Family :

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Libby is the one who started it all. Offer 3 Types of Brow Tattooing and Eyeliner. She has done over 4,000 permanent cosmetic procedures. She also offers skincare services in our Salon on our lower level.

Owner and Crazy Animal Lady.

Libby Yoho

Lauren was Libby's Original Apprentice that started in 2018, she came from a brow background as she also waxes and tints brows. such a Sweetheart and Truly a Brow Wizard.

Brow Artist and Chipotle Junkie.

Lauren Wiseman

Alexa has been microblading since June 2018 and even though she didn't come from a beauty background she is a NATURAL, if she has always said we need a podcast of our shop talk because there is never a dull moment with Alexa around.

Brow Artist and Coffee Queen.

Alexa Valentino

Kara is our newest team member, she started microblading in 2017 at another studio and wanted to continue her career here and we are so excited to have her!

Brow Artist and self proclaimed "mom-zombie"

Kara Roudebush

Paige Took Libby's training in February 2019 and she quickly picked up the skill and Libby knew she had to have her on the team. She also offer other beauty services as well!

Brow Artist and Jack of all trades.

Paige Morse

Libby Met Kaylee in 2018 at one of her training, she was hired as Libby's assistant shortly after (assistant doesn't even begin to cover the fact she is the "glue" of the shop) she also offer tattoo removal!

 Tattoo Removal specialist and Libby's Keeper

Kaylee Hilson

Nicole actually worked in the same salon as Libby 12 years ago and there paths crossed again in 2019. Nicole is our talented Hairstylist.

Hairdresser and resident peace keeper.

Nicole Bester