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Your healed results depends on Aftercare 

Please read all aftercare information following your appointment

Follow aftercare instructions as directed for the best healed results. Results will depend on skin type, how aftercare is followed, and what you expose your skin to. You will experience many changes with your permanent cosmetics through out the healing process (up to 30 days). Just keep in mind - patience is key! The outcome of your healed tattoo is how you take care of them. Expect to heal pigment 20-40% lighter. 

Day One

Cleanse area gently with antibacterial soap 3-4 hours after leaving your appointment (if any lymph fluid appears blot away with a damp paper towel). Apply a thin layer of aftercare.

For two weeks

Cleanse area twice a day, gently pat dry to remove all moisture. Apply a thin layer of aftercare. With aftercare ointment- it is better to do too little than too much. Flaking and light scabbing is normal.

Do not use any makeup or exfoliants on or around area that has been tattooed.

If lip blush is your selected service, do not let your lips dry out - continuously apply aftercare balm on lips through out the day and avoid oily, spicy, acidic foods and kissing.

Please keep in mind

  • No sweating for the first week, this includes exercising 

  • No swimming (submerging head/face into water)

  • Avoid sunlight exposure for 14 days

  • Change your pillow case and try to sleep on your back as much as possible


  • Infection can happen at any time during the healing process, please make sure to keep the area tattooed CLEAN!

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