Your healed results depends a lot on Aftercare 

Day One

Cleanse brows gently with antibacterial soap 3-4 hours after leaving your appointment (if any lymph fluid appears blot away with a damp paper towel). Apply a thin layer of aftercare over your brows (a rice grain size amount is good split between both brows)

Aftercare for lip blush can be found on :

For two weeks

Cleanse brows twice a day, gently pat dry to remove all moisture. Apply a thin layer of aftercare (rice grain size amount split between the two). With aftercare ointment- it is better to do too little than too much. Flaking and light scabbing is normal.

Things to keep in mind

  • NO SWEATING for the first week

  • No makeup for AT LEAST seven days (only in the tattooed area)

  • Avoid sunlight for 14 days

  • Change your pillow case and try to sleep on your back as much as possible


  • Infection can happen at any time during the healing process, please make sure to keep your brows clean

What to expect

The outcome of your healed tattoo is 50% how you take care of them. Your brows will heal 20-30% lighter. You will notice a lot of changes during the healing process. Please refer to the image below of the stages of brow healing.

brow healing